Jackies Sports Massage

Jackies Sports Massage

Jackies Sports Massage - Sydney CBD

Operating from the bustling heart of Sydney's CBD, Jackie Messaike runs a highly successful sports massage clinic, making a significant impact in the wellness industry.

Portrai plays a pivotal role in supporting this thriving clinic, not only by capturing striking images of Jackie's skilled team of over ten therapists but also by crafting vibrant lifestyle images set both within the clinic's premises and in outdoor settings.

The visual content we provide to Jackies Sports Massage is put to versatile use. It graces their website, invigorates their social media platforms, and seamlessly integrates into their ongoing marketing strategies, which encompass newsletters and targeted local advertisements. With every image, we help elevate the clinic's brand, providing a window into the world of effective sports massage and the excellence that Jackie's team delivers.

woman doing yoga in the park
photo of a masseur
jackies team shot
woman riding a bike
woman having a massage
woman giving a massage
Jackies logo
woman doing yoga in a park

Michael is a true professional. I have had the most amazing experience during our many business photo shoots with him by our side taking the most beautiful photos. No one is better than Michael and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thanks Michael for your amazing photos. You are absolutely the BEST!!!

Jackie Messaike - Jackies Sports Massage