Cost of a commercial photographer in Sydney

How much would a commercial photo shoot cost in Sydney


At Portrai we have kept our prices at a modest and competitive level to enable businesses to afford a very important element of a marketing campaign and that is great images that reflect your goals that help you rise up against your competition. View our price table below.


In general, prices in Sydney for a commercial shoot vary. It can cost approximately $800 for a 2 hour shoot. On average a 1 hour shoot would cost $500 and a 4 hour shoot about $1500 . Some photographers can charge a yearly license fee for businesses to keep using the images that the photographer captured. You can see that at Portrai are prices are well below these.

Our Prices are Affordable & Sweet

Corporate Events and Functions

Have your event captured at any venue across Sydney. The hourly rate includes all high resolution images which can be used freely in publications, websites, social media or share with your guests. Delivery on USB or download within 48 hours of event.

$320 per hour

Hourly Rates

Corp Events $320
Personal branding $280
Portraits/Head-Shots $280
Small Business $350
Fashion $400
Architecture/Real Estate $250
Lifestyle $350
Delivery Method - download high resolution images available within 48 hours of the shoot.
24 hours $ 150 fee

From $280


Spread your shoot over one year and have images taken over multiple sessions to keep your marketing and social media fresh.
Each shoot session is 2 hours
2 Sessions $1200
3 Sessions $1700
4 Sessions $2600
Sessions must be used within 12 months.

From $1200


Studio Flash lighting- $150
(most of our onsite shoots use natural lighting, however if your venue is dark we recommend studio flash set-up.
Hair & Make-up $350
(you can always use your own or we can book a professional)
Pro retouch of images $50 per image

From $50


Do you require a professional video of your event ? Please let us know your requirements and we will gladly give you a quote to add video to your photography package.

Please note we only offer video as an addition to photography



What does it cost ?

Our prices are listed above. Hourly packages are charged per hour or part thereof. We will generally invoice you after the shoot and payment must be made by transfer before we deliver your photos. Generally the Packages work out at a better hourly rate. These packages must be booked and paid for in 2 equal installments. One installment on the 1st session and the 2nd installment on the last session.

How long will it take ?

Planning is important for any photo shoot. The more time spent organising and prep the smoother the shoot will go on the day. Generally you also have to allow time for set-up and pack-up as well in the time schedule.

How much space will we need ?

If you’re working indoors the more space we have to work with the more options we have for creativity. It’s important to remember that working in a larger area means we can place the camera and the lighting equipment in different positions and angles. This is particularly relevant when you’re taking photos of people and product

Is the location important ?

The location you choose can be critical to the success of any photography assignment. Keep in mind the lighting conditions and surroundings. If you’re using interior locations think about the wall colours, window placement, the height of ceilings. Does the environment suit the style of the images you are trying to produce? If you’re thinking of shooting exteriors then remember the weather and the time of day can be critical

What do I need to decide on before I call a Photographer?

We will want to know what the images will be used for and how you want them to look. If you’re not sure but you’ve seen some examples of photography you like, take notes on why they appeal to you. The more information we are given the better. You can always discuss your project with us so we can help you find the right solution

How long will it be before I get my images?

It all depends on your requirements. You will need to decide what processing is required on your shots and in what format you want them delivered. Most photos need some form of processing whether its something as simple as cropping or resizing. Some images may need more intensive editing and retouching such as product shots. 48 - 72 hours is a standard turn around time on many photography jobs but this can vary on larger projects and there is always the option of express delivery on important jobs

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